Another New Release and a Reader Question

Wheee, another new release. This one is called Behave. It’s part of the three story series (all will be erotica novellas) that I started two years ago. All three are getting a good scrub and will be released by the end of this year.

Visit the landing page to get some more information about the story, download a sample, and find out where to buy it.

Reader Question

Marie asked how long it takes to publish a story after I’ve written it. The answer is: it really depends, but here’s an overview.

Once I’m done the story goes to a beta reader who sends back comments. I make some revisions and (for self-published works) send off to my editor. In the meantime, the artsy team and I work on a cover design. I incorporate edits and revisions and send off to my proofreader.

Once that comes back I do a final check. Then, if I’m traditionally publishing, I query the publisher. For self-published writing I send off to the magical elves who format for Kindle, Nook, etc. Then the story gets uploaded and made public. It takes anywhere from a month to three months for a story to get out the door, whether that’s to a publisher or right to readers.

Have a question? Send it to me through the contact page.

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New Release and Smashwords Sale

Big week around here, folks.

First, my new erotic short story, Play Time is now available for purchase at Amazon, BN and Smashwords (more retailers coming soon). Here’s some info about the story:

Play Time (Erotica Short Story)
Just when it seems nothing in Valerie’s life is going her way, she shares a life-changing weekend of great sex with strong, alluring stranger Robert. Following this encounter he makes her an offer she can’t refuse. A trip to a private island to explore the dark side of sex, submission and pushing her boundaries.

Free from the stresses of her regular life, Val finds out that some play time is just for adults.

Click here to get more info, or download the first two chapters (PDF) here.

And, our friends at Smashwords are having a sale for the entire month of July. Right now you can get Catherine’s Paradise and The Dating Game for free, but they won’t stay that way. So, head over and check them out today.

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Summer Releases

I’m very excited about the three new releases I have coming this summer. Two were teased earlier, but I didn’t think the third would be back from my editor in time. So, as a little bribe incentive, if you sign up for my newsletter I’ll send you a free copy of the story of your choice when it comes out. And a little extra something too.

I’ll be posting more details and samples from each story in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned. Continue reading

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